Wild Prom Invite
Prom season is here, and young girls are thinking about who their date may be, what they'll wear etc. etc. The guys are feeling the pressure of asking a date.  Will they get rejected and humiliated...or will it be smooth as silk?
This Bird Will Teach You How To Dance [VIDEO] [Possibly NSFW]
With prom season in full effect and the weddings having started, here is a great instructional video for those who may need to bring some new moves to the dance floor.  At weddings, the electric slide is pretty popular, the cupid shuffle is as well.  This dance had it's moment in the …
The Latest Dance Craze- “The Cat Daddy” [VIDEO] [Possibly NSFW]

WARNING....*These videos contain images of hot women dancing somewhat provocatively in what may be considered...less than appropriate clothing* VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!  On the positive side, you may learn a great new dance that you can show off on Mother's Day or even bring to the next weddin…