This Guy Built A Drone That Brings Him Beer [VIDEO]
Well if this isn't the American dream! Drones are the latest rage all over the world. From their breathtaking videos to the fact that they're just fun, they're pretty much for all ages. I feel like the litmus test for anything that moves (from dogs to electronics) is if they can deliv…
What's Next?
A FedEx driver pulls up to a house that has three fenced in pitbulls there. When he gets out to deliver the package, the pitbulls begin to get a little crazy and start to jump at the fence.  Guess what happens next.  I'll be you're wrong.
How Kegs Are Unloaded In Ireland [VIDEO]
The phrase goes, "Work smarter, not harder" and it rings true with these beer delivery men in Ireland.  Check out how they've decided to unload kegs.  If it saves their backs and doesn't ruin the product, I'm all for it!  Brilliant.