Two Words Will Be Changed When Hamilton Comes To Disney+
Coming up on July 3rd, Disney+ will start having 'Hamilton' on their streaming service. The popular play, was filmed during it's popular run last year of the original Broadway production and was originally going to be released last year in October, but was postponed...
Awesome! “Disney Family Singalong” on ABC This Week
This Thursday night will be a lot of fun!!
Moana, Frozen, High School Musical, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast will be some of the movies that will have songs featured! 
The "Disney Family Singalong" is coming to ABC Thursday night at 8:00 P.M.! All o...
Each Item You Have On This List is 1 Point — GET RID OF IT
There are two kids of people:

The ones that see something that has no problem throwing anything out.
Or people who hold onto ANYTHING thinking it could be worth money one day.

Now, on the internet you may see a VERY specific item that MAY be worth some money to someon…

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