Dog Sets World Record!
Yes. It's a thing. Watch Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier, set the Guinness World Record for popping 100 balloons the fastest.
I love these because it's one of those "why not" situations. Who sat there and thought, "I bet my dog can do this faster than anyone else&…
Dog in Crocs!
I was very upset the other day when I went to go plant and mulch in the front yard, and I couldn't find my Crocs!
Crocs are a hot button issue with many people. Some people absolutely hate them and think they should be banned while some people live by them...
Dog vs Pool
Animals are weird. If you have one they at least do one weird thing that you're pretty sure no other animal does. Check out what happens when this dog realizes it can stand in the pool.
Doggie Cartwheels
Dogs cannot do cartwheels.  But don't tell this pooch.  He sees his little human doing it with ease so he decides to give it a shot too.  I gotta give him credit for trying!
Dog Dilemma
It was posted on Facebook with the comment "I wish all humans would be like this amazing dog". However, commenters are saying the dog is actually trying to bury the fish and not save them by pushing water on them. Take a look at the video and let us know what you think in the comme…

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