domestic violence

'Walk a Mile' is Coming!
Last week, I told you that I would be taking part in a walk to bring awareness to the problem of domestic and gender violence. I would love it if you would join me on April 27 for the walk.
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
I'm ready to get a little uncomfortable for a little while to bring attention to something that is ugly and no one else wants to talk about.  My question is going out to the guys: Are there any out there that are man enough to join me?
Yup...time to put up fellas.  Get those high heels…
The Girlfriend From Hell [VIDEO]
This video was originally posted on a citizen website called STOMP. It shows a woman aggressively berating her male companion and assaulting him in the groin. This video went viral very quickly and drew much criticism worldwide.
Miranda Lambert Gets Last Laugh On Chris Brown
Miranda Lambert has attracted a bit of attention since her post-grammy tweets about pop star Chris Brown.  According to E! Online, she's not the only one who had a problem seeing him not only receive a grammy but get two performances on the big night.
A REAL Man NEVER Hits A Woman!
As October comes to a close, I am reminded that this month is Domestic Violence Awareness month. Did you know that one incident of domestic violence is reported every minute in America? And those are just the incidents that we know about!