Keurig For Cocktails
I remember the first time I saw a Keurig coffee maker. I thought it was one of the weirdest things I'd ever seen.  Now, they're everywhere.  Just about everyone has one in their house or their office.  Now they're upping the ante.  They've essentially created …
Dad's Anti-Drinking and Driving Plea Needs to Be Heard
We all know you shouldn't drink and drive, but this man makes a VERY personal appeal.
In this heartbreaking clip, he urges you not to drink and drive while showing what happened to his daughter, who was hit by a drunk driver in an accident that had far-reaching and multiple consequences...
'RoboCop' PSA Targets Drunk Driving
In a move that not only promotes the upcoming 'RoboCop' remake but also attempts to strike fear in the hearts of potential drunk drivers, Sony Pictures has partnered with the National Highway Safety Administration for a new PSA: "Drive sober or get pulled over" ... by Rob…
Fan Fight!
I hear it time and time again: “They need to stop allowing people to drink so much at football games.” And I’m sure I’ll hear it again after what happened yesterday (October 20) in New York at a Jets v. Patriots game.

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