St. Bonnie's Men's Win Results in Two St. Louis Losses!
The St. Bonaventure Men's Basketball Team celebrated their win over St, Louis on Wednesday...but also shared grief in the other team's loss... the loss of the St, Louis Bus that is!!!
When the St. Louis Team walked out of St. Bonaventure's Reilly Center to get on the bus to fly ba…
What County Is About to Make Drunk Driving Legal?
I don’t really get why this is even considered being approved. Also, I don’t get their reasoning for trying to make this legal either – just doesn't make sense. Lawmakers have agreed to pass a proposal which could essentially allow people to drive…
Drunk Fans Cheer on Woman Parking [VIDEO]
So I feel like I'm a fantastic driver when it comes to parallel parking.  Yes I will admit that somedays I have a tendency to hit the curb but seriously who hasn't done it at least once in their lifetime!  I'm sure if I had these guys every time I went to park cheering me on…
What The Heck Is He Trying To Sing? [VIDEO]
The song in this video sounds vaguely familiar.  I give this guy credit, he's obviously intoxicated, he has no teeth and he has a guitar that needs a bit of tuning.
Let us make this fun....see if you can name that tune!!!
A Drunk Man’s Nightmare: Stuck In A Funhouse [Video]
Is it just me or are funhouses not as fun as they appear from the outside?  There are all those mirrors and moving floors.  It can be downright scary!  Now imagine how frightening it could be if you got a few too many drinks in you.  Welcome to this man's nightmare.