Sam Hunt Arrested This Morning
Country superstar Sam Hunt was arrested early Sunday morning and booked at 6:30 AM in Nashville.
According to an arrest warrant, police were notified early Thursday morning that a driver was traveling south in the northbound lanes of Ellington Parkway near Ben Allen Road...
Drunk Driving
People do some dumb things.  Those things tend to multiply when we are drinking.  For example, it's a bad idea to drive a vehicle after you've been drinking.  It's also a bad idea to drive while playing with your cell phone.  Put those things together and it's…
Epic Prank
I'm guilty. I'm not proud of it. But I've made the mistake of having too much to drink and getting into a car to drive home.
Woman Sues Police
A woman in Chicago who was nearly three times the legal limit was arrested for DUI. She was brought to the station, where was she patted down. Important note: By a woman, she was patted down. After she became uncooperative and after kicking officers, they carried the 33 year old to a different holdi…
Why Not Get A Limo?
Why is it that so many rich and famous people get busted for DUI?  If you have the cash and need to party, get a limo or hire a sober person to drive you around.  Jaime Pressly is the latest star to get arrested in Tinseltown.