Dyngus Day

Dyngus Day 1985
Dyngus Day has been celebrated for years in Buffalo.  Although some people from out of town don't really get the tradition, it's something that we've been doing for years!  The party may have changed over the years, but the spirit hasn't.
Dyngus Shmygus
There are places in this country that observe it, but nobody celebrates it like we do in Buffalo.  It’s an old Polish tradition called Dyngus Day.  It commemorates the baptism of Poland's first Christian prince.  It always falls on the day after Easter with a big celebration of the end of lent with …
dyngus fun in wny
No Anderson Cooper. Lets see what he has to say about North America's largest Dyngus Day Party here in Buffalo this year. It continues to grow bigger and bigger. I'm 100 percent German, but, I'm sure like many, I find a way to be Polish on Dyngus Day (and I think I did the hokey pokey…
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UPDATE: Whoops -- turns out this was a prank! Kudos to the perpetrator -- you totally got me!
It's been a year since Anderson Cooper thought it was a joke that Buffalo is the home of the biggest Dyngus Day party in North America. Dyngus Day event planners have tried getting Cooper to come to Buffalo …
dyngus day parties
Buffalo: The Dyngus Day Capital of the World. Whether you are Polish or not, Dyngus Day is something you look forward to year in and year out. Some of the most popular venues are in South Buffalo, the Hearthstone Manor and the Buffalo Central Terminal.
Dyngus Day 2013 Celebrations in Buffalo
The world's largest Dyngus Day celebration is coming up right here in Buffalo. And if you're wondering what Dyngus Day is, exactly, we're here to help.History
Dyngus Day is historically a Polish-American tradition celebrating the end of Lent on the day after Easter. Thi...

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