Eastern Hills Mall

Eastern Hills Mall
If you've been at the Eastern Hills mall lately, there's this cool new place where the old Macy's used to be and it's called the 'Niagara Emporium'.
It's almost like a flea market-style where people pay to rent out space, but unlike a flea-market, this is all real c…
Where to Eat FREE in Buffalo on Valentine's Day
If you're looking for a freebie for your sweetie or if you're spending it alone and need a gift for yourself here are the places in Buffalo that you can grab a free treat for Valentine's Day!
Auntie Anne’s - Just download the My Pretzel Perks mobile app for Auntie Anne&…
Cheesy Chick Food Truck Expands to Eastern Hills Mall
In a time when malls are competing hard with online shopping you may ask why would a successful food truck business open a store in the mall.
In the case of Cheesy Chick food truck it was a matter of simply being invited to open a store by the management of Eastern Hills Mall...
Eastern Hills Mall
The way people shop is different these days.  It's much more convenient for many to just stay at home, type in what they're looking for online and have it delivered to their house.  Because of that, the way that business sell to consumers is changing too.  Stores are droppin…
Retro Mall Pics
Remember when the Eastern Hills Mall was being built in the late 70s?
The mall was originally to be named "Buffalo Mall", but the name was changed to Eastern Hills Mall at the request of the town of Clarence.
"Eastern Hills" refers to the very low hills that contrib…

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