For Dillon Williams
I'm sure by now you've heard about the terrible accident that affected Dillon Williams, his family, and really the entire town of Eden.  Now, there's a way to help out.  There's a town wide music festival taking place in the village of Hamburg to help raise money for th…
FGL Tickets
August 8th, Florida Georgia Line will be in town with Thomas Rhett and Frankie Ballard; and if you haven't already, I would go get your tickets. The concert is sold out on the lawn and there are not many pavilion tickets left, either.
The Science of Beer [VIDEO]
Do you love beer?  Think you know all about it?  Do you know how it's made or what is in it?  I thought I did, but there's so much to it.  For instance, did you know there's a bacteria named Brettanomyces that can help in the brewing process?  Here's a qu…
Walk A Mile
It's just a few days away, and we are ready for "Walk A Mile In Her Shoes". If you haven't already signed up, now is the time!! You can sign up to walk with me or make a donation to support Crisis Services right here in Western New York.
There's Still Time
Walk A Mile In Her Shoes is a nationwide awareness walk to bring an end to sexual assault, rape and domestic violence.  It's also there to help raise much-needed funds for Crisis Services, which is right here in Western New York.
I've mentioned that I'm doing the walk and that I&a…
Walk A Mile
We are less than a month away from Walk A Mile In Her Shoes and it's time to get your game feet on.  Brett Alan is getting ready!
Cool Wine Rack
A wine rack doesn't have to cost you a ton of money.  Take this project for example.  It's a simple design made from pallets.  You know the pallets that I'm talking about.  Many businesses throw them out after they receive shipments.  You can find them just ab…

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