I’m Shaping Up For Summer!
Last year about this time, I was in a good place in terms of trying to eat better and exercise. I had a really good summer staying on course, but last fall, I admit, I fell completely off the wagon so to speak.
Check Out Miranda Lambert’s “Workout” Playlist! [VIDEO]
Everybody has a certain type of music they prefer to listen to when they work out.  For me, I like it upbeat and fast.  I love my country music, but for treadmill work I need dance, house, pop, hip-hop..etc..etc!  In a recent interview with WebMD.com, Miranda Lambert shared her workou…
Brett Alan’s Top Apps For Exercise And Diet
When someone told me that there was a video game system that made you move your body instead of sitting on the couch and exercising their thumbs, I thought they were crazy. Fitness has taken on a whole new face and it's including technology that fits in your hands.
If Planning To Lose Weight Don’t Tell Anyone
I saw this today, if you’re trying to lose weight you should keep it to yourself.  In a NYU study, people who shared their plans of losing weight were less likely to enact them.  One of the reasons given was if you call attention to your good intention you can create a prem…
86 Year Old Proves Age Is Just A Number [VIDEO]
Next time you're sitting on your couch trying to motivate yourself to get more active and you try to use the excuse that you're too old, watch this video!  This lady gets on the parallel bars and does stuff that at 33 I'm pretty sure I couldn't do.
Hovering Parents Create Inactive Kids
Obesity is a real problem here in the United States.  Due to the hectic lives of parents, many kids find themselves eating prepackaged food or fast food and they certainly don't get the exercise they need.  However, a new study has shown that if you do want your kids to…
Coming Soon: Gyms For Infants!
Just saw this report today that indicates that babies, yes little babies, should be exercising! Researchers are saying that even the kids who can't walk yet should be getting some exercise.