Fail Video

It's too heavy!
Everyone is always trying for the biggest reward, the biggest trophy.  But what good is it if it's so big, you can't even take it home with you?  This is Simona Halep from Romania.  She learned the hard way just how heavy the biggest trophy is.
Not The Beer!
Say it's not true.  Say this never really happened!  I can't believe this isn't just a nightmare.  This is how you lose your job as a forklift operator at a beer company.  Watch as he tries to maneuver a pallet of beer and fails miserably to save them.
Meet Joe "Load"
Meet Utica, NY car dealership spokesperson Joe "Load" Leonard.  When Joe says he's going to get you financed, he means he'll get you financed.  However, when Joe says, "yeah sure, I'll do the commercial from the roof."  He really mean…
Wedding Fail
Crazy things happen at weddings.  Chances are, you've already been to at least one this summer.  From grandma taking a dive during the garter bouquet ceremony to groomsmen passing out during the ceremony I've seen just about all of it.  And although these things might seem like a disaster at the tim…
Ice Bucket Fail
Have you been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge yet?  I have been....twice.  I want to believe that most people have already done it.  As much as we might be getting tired of it, it is certainly bringing awareness and much needed funds to help in the fight against ALS.  But …
Motorcycle Crashes
A Spanish motorcyclist was being interviewed about motorcycle crashes. He puts his helmet on, starts his bike, looks to his left and heads out into traffic. I'll let you guess what happens next...
Slip & Slide Fails
It's Fourth of July Weekend! Bring on the parties and the warm weather!
Then bring on the summertime fun like slip 'n' slides! To get you psyched up for it, here are 30 classic slip 'n' slide fails.
BBQ Fails
Grills seem like a pretty simple concept. You have meat. You need to cook the meat, so you put it over a flame to cook it.
However, despite the fact that they've been around for ages, people still seem to still find a way to mess it up. Here are some rules you should never break by the barbeque.
Major Meltdown
Have you ever been sooo close to winning big, only to come up with nothing in the end? If you're from Buffalo, a certain Super Bowl loss comes to mind (remember wide right?).
Imagine how this girl feels after her meltdown on the Bonus Round on Family Feud.
Truck FAIL!
You hear a lot about lift kits in country songs these days. However, just because you have big tires and a lift on your truck, won't make it a monster truck. Take this guy for example...