Scared Kitten!
Lizards are scary! Think of how you would react if a big old reptile almost the size of you suddenly came walking up next to you. You would probably jump a little too!
Freudian slip
Another day goes by, and another reporter slips with a word on the news.
It's easy to do.  You're thinking about what you want to say, but somewhere between your brain and your mouth, another word slips in there.  Wait until you hear what this reporter says the Chicago Blackhawks …
Brain Freeze Fail
Have you ever experienced a "brain freeze"?  I'm sure most of us have, but I'm sure none of them have been as intense as the one you will see in this video.
Trust Fall
Have you ever seen the trust building exercise called a trust fall?  It's where one person will fall backwards without catching themselves with the hopes that another person (who is waiting behind them) will catch them.  I didn't think it was possible to get that wrong.  All…
Curling Iron Fail [VIDEO]
Someone sent this to me this morning, and I could not stop laughing. It can't get any funnier, and I had no clue what was about to happen.
Vending Machine Fail [VIDEO]
There has to be an art to loading a vending machine.  I can't tell you how often I've bought something only to have it fall to the bottom of the machine and get stuck.  It's worse when it gets stuck at the top!  How bad would it feel though to have three things get stuc…
Embarrass Brett Alan
My family and I were blessed with a gift for a vacation at Niagara Falls' Great Wolf Lodge last weekend.  It was incredible!  If your family loves water parks, I would highly suggest it.  But there's something you should watch out for if you don't want to be embarrassed…
Brett Alan Solidifies His Rank As Worst Fisherman Ever
Today was a great day for me.  I was so proud to have my kids begging me to take them fishing.  As we sat there casting out into Lake Erie from the dock, my chest swelled with pride to think that my kids were looking up to me as one of the best fishermen they've ever seen.  That …
What Happens Next? [VIDEO]
I am a fan of the Comedy Central show Tosh.O.  It's incredibly inappropriate and should never be watched by young children but everyone has their guilty pleasures right?  Well, they do something on that show called "What Happens Next?" and it's normally unpredic…

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