How Ironic Is This?
Identical twin sisters have given birth on the same day, at the same time, in their respective time zones.
Sources say Sarah Mariuz and Leah Rodgers delivered their babies at 1:18 a.m. Thursday. Rodgers’ son, Reid Joseph, was born first, on Mountain time in Denver. An h...
Oldest Tattooed Man!
Meet jack Reynolds.
One of the coolest 104-year-olds ever (well...almost 104) decided he wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate his birthday coming up this June. He said he was a little apprehensive, but he got the tattoo "Jacko 6.4.1912"right on his upper arm...
This Grandma Looks JUST LIKE Taylor Swift! [PICTURES]
Ok, take a look at the Taylor Swift picture below that she put on Instagram. Then scroll down and look at the picture one user put up of her grandma.
The Reddit user captioned the picture “When your Grandma looks like Taylor Swift and your Grandpa looks like Hugh Hefner’s Brothe…
Scared To Death
Sometimes, you just have to learn the hard way that you hate lions--even if they're fake ones.
We really mean you just hate when you're only 1-year-old and your grandpa tries scaring you dressed as a lion.
Same thing.
Happy Halloween...
Holidays Come Early
This will break your heart and also, restore your faith in humanity. In the time of heartbreak, the public has come to one family's comfort.
Last year, October 21, 2014 was Halloween and October 24, 2014 was  Christmas for a 4 year old given only a few weeks to live. He ...
Boy Wears Same Sweater as Dad + Grandpa for School Pictures
This is one of the coolest first-day-of-school traditions that this family has done for nearly 60 years. First grader, Brady Gose, wore a sweater that has been worn five other times for school picture days.
Brady's grandfather, father and two great uncles have worn the same sweater on their firs…
This Is a Cool Idea for the Family to Try! [VIDEO]
What a nice forever keepsake a family can have and what a unique idea.
Most parents hardly find the time to slow down a bit and enjoy the joys of everyday life--let alone spend as much time as they would like with their kids. But, this idea will really solidify the fact that they are together as a fa…

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