Where To Go Apple Picking Around Buffalo
Labor Day in Buffalo, NY, is the end to a lot of things -- summer, warm weather, being able to see ten feet in front of ourselves, but it is also the start of a lot of things, and one of our favorite things about this time of year, is apple picking!!
It's that time of year again: Time for the leaves …
Tractor With A Racing Engine [VIDEO]
Everyone seems to be in such a hurry now a days.  Even vehicles that you'd expect to move slow are moving fast.  Check out this tractor that's been modified with a Volvo racing engine.  Think of how fast you could get everything done if you had this on your farm.  Or ho…
Man Herds Cattle With PA System
There's not a whole lot to do when you live in the country. It was really only a matter of time before somebody came up with this idea, and then only a short amount of time after that for somebody to film it and put it on YouTube.