Feel Good Morning Video

Amazing Invention
You will almost do anything for your dog. He's your pet, your child, part of your family.
Meet Derby.
Derby was at a rescue center and his front limbs were extremely shortened due to a birth defect. It's amazing what technology can do, including making crutches for this dog using a 3D printe…
AWESOME! Dogs Pray Before Eating [VIDEO]
This is in Chinese, but I don't think it really makes a difference and it will make you laugh a little, if not, smile at least.
Four golden retriever or golden mixes pray before every meal at this woman's home.
Here's your Feel Good Morning Video...
Singing Doctors
This is the doctor that I want to help deliver my kid!
When a baby is first born it is one of the most touching and memorable moments of a parent's life. But, to Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja every single on is memorable and it seems that he touches every single life he comes in contact with...
Hilarious Reaction
This is awesome.
4 year old Cadence was looking through pictures on a cell phone of her uncle when she discovered out how to delete them. When it went away "forever" she melts down in tears and the internet goes crazy over how cute her reaction is...
Grandpas's Suprise
After 63 years of marriage this grandpa lost his wife a couple of weeks ago, right after the couple lost their dog. Grandpa, in the middle of crying, was given a gift by his grand kids that turned the sad tears to happy tears, for at least a minute...
Cutest. Sister. Ever.
Sadie may be the best big sister ever.
She may have just realized that people grow old and eventually pass away, and at two or three years old, that's not something fun to think about. Sadie doesn't want her baby brother to grow up, and it's the cutest thing you will ever see.

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