Teacher Fights Kid
On Monday, a teacher in Santa Monica was suspended for getting in a brawl with a student. The fight was captured on a students cell phone and quickly became viral. As the situation comes to light, a couple of students are being charged with a variety of things after the truth begins to unfold...
Luke Bryan Stops A Fight
The show doesn't necessarily always have to go on. Miranda Lambert has stopped shows before when fans start to fight. I've seen Tim McGraw do it. Now we can add Luke Bryan to the list of classy performers who won't have that kind of stuff happen at his show.
Fan Fight!
I hear it time and time again: “They need to stop allowing people to drink so much at football games.” And I’m sure I’ll hear it again after what happened yesterday (October 20) in New York at a Jets v. Patriots game.
Ryan Miller fight!
It's not every day you see Ryan Miller fight in a hockey game. Actually, I don't know if I can recall him fighting ever during a game as a Sabre. But, tonight was the night.
Chaos ensued during the third period of the game, immediately after Buffalo’s Corey Tropp and Toronto…
eric in 'playboy'!
Every good country fan knows the infamous Eric Church-Rascal Flatts story of Church getting fired by Rascal Flatts many years ago.
Shocking Video!
It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to get into a fight.  I'll never understand it.  Fights do nothing for me.  But evidently a fight was more important to a woman on a bus in Connecticut than the safety of her baby.
Woman Gets Punched
When I was little, I was taught that a man should never hit a woman.  Ever. I was also taught that you never put your hands on a police officer.  Both of those things happen in this video, but the question is, who is wrong?

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