Target To Stop Selling These 2 Items Because of Fights
All of the Targets all over the United States will stop selling these because of fights that have broken out over them. Pokemon and sports cards are being pulled from the shelves. During the pandemic, for whatever reason, these cards have soared in popularity and people cannot wait to get their hand…
West Seneca East On Lockdown After Big Fight
Just a couple of hours ago, there were multiple students involved in a big fight at West Seneca East. The fight started on the third floor of the school and the decision was made to put the school on lockdown during the incident.
West Seneca Police were called to break up the fight and while faculty …
Stop Fighting!
Ah, yes – it's summer.  The weather is warm, the kids have been out of school for a few weeks now, and the fighting has begun. Everyday despite the incredible things you've been doing, they're BORED. It's just bickering. They're too close to each other for way too…
Top 10 Reasons
The most family fights do not occur between mom and dad.
The average family gets in about 300 fights a year, according to the Daily Mail. It's the rotten kids who you probably get in fights with most. Let's face it, we all got in TONS of fight with our parents when we were younger (heck, so…
Black Friday Fights!
People will lose their minds for a good deal on Black Friday.  What started out as a great way for companies to get themselves out of the red, has turned into a fighting frenzy of people willing to bust someone else's lip for a flat screen.
Tyler's Ticked Off!
Country stars may have different styles, songs and voices, but they all agree on one thing: no fighting at concerts. Tyler Farr recently broke up a brawl at a Big Frog 104 show, reinstating the fact that it's cool to sing along and dance at shows, but it's not acceptable to throw punches.

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