Flood Cleanup Tips
It sure has been a wet start to our summer. With record rainfall, drainage issues and saturated ground, homeowners are finding it difficult to prevent water from filling basements and low lying areas around their homes. Here are some examples and tips from experts on how to clean up after water has …
Blake Plays Hero On Birthday!
Look who brought Justin's brother in law home this evening!Justin Marshall
Posted by Sherry Fletcher Angel on Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Stars are just like you and me -- at least that's what we like to think. For Roho Hartmann  it's reality.
Teen Catches 40-Pound Carp With His Bare Hands!
I've heard plenty of stories from fishermen about the fish that they've caught. Most of them are a little exaggerated. But 16-year-old Jake Sawyer has video evidence to prove that the 40-pound carp that he caught with his hands was completely real.