funny animal video

Where Did He Go?
Oh boy, this is hilarious!  This cat is searching for a mouse who has found its way to a safe haven.  If the mouse is lucky, the cat will give up.  Do you see the mouse? Funny!  And my oh my this cat is a dead ringer for my girl Kiki Dee, lol...
I bet this little dog is mischievous in many ways.  In this instance, he gets caught shredding paper and making a mess.  His reaction to being caught is priceless!
Posted by RantPets on Friday, September 11, 2015
Cat On A Plane!
Cats like to sleep and get in to weird places, but in this case this cat got more than for which he bargained.
Back Off!!
Just like the human world, there are bossy animals like this little goat. He may be a cutie but he's quite pushy and this feisty duck has had enough and pecks back. That'll teach him!