funny animal videos

This Squirrel is Nuts
I have two questions after seeing this video, one - what is this dog thinking? And two - why is there a squirrel in the house?  I'll never know the answers, but it's still a funny video to watch!
Bambi + Thumper
As kid I loved Bambi and Thumper.  I couldn't count how many times I've actually seen the original movie.  Plus, I lived on a farm in Michigan so we saw a ton of deer in our fields and obviously rabbits are everywhere.
Here is a cute video of a real life Bambi + Thumper, Deer + Ra…
She's Pacified!
Like every 8 month old puppy, this boxer needs help being calmed from all of the worlds's exciting things.  This boxer's owner has found an adorable way to calm her down.  With a baby pacifier, great idea - cuteness alert!
Poor Kitty!
Okay, it's not that he can't jump normally – it's that he can't jump on newly waxed floors. Check out the struggle as this poor kitty can't get to wear he would like to go.
Cat Struggles To Jump From Waxed FloorThis cat struggling to jump up from a waxed floor is too…
PJ Party
This is too cute I can hardly stand it.  These baby goats are adorable to begin with, but throw some pj's on them and it becomes cuteness overload.
Well people put clothes on dogs and cats so why not goats?
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Problem Solver!
The dog is so happy to show off the large stick he has retrieved but has run in to a tricky situation. Watch has he finally figures out how to get to the other side of the bridge.
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Affectionate horse
This is so adorable I can hardly stand it.  This young colt shows affection to its owner by lounging on her.  So sweet!
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Stop Thief!
I couldn't stop laughing watching this video. These animals are pretty sly taking the food away from these unsuspecting people.
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Swimming Buddies
Why can't we all just get along like these two. Yes they are an unlikely pair, but that's what is so incredibly awesome about this video. They seem to be enjoying each others company.
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A Dogs Mission
With the aid of a GoPro, we are able to tag along on this dogs mission to jump into the ocean. He doesn't have a care in the world.
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Puppy Vs. Crab
This dachshund puppy's reaction to seeing a crab on the beach for first time is cute.  The crab's reaction, well its obviously stressed and wanting to get to water as fast as he can.  Does he make it?  Watch and see.
Best Friends!
Love is love right? This has to be one of the most adorable videos I've ever seen. This horse is smitten with this little goat. I love that the goat is wearing a collar with a bell LOL.
Get ready for cuteness!
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