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By A Spider!
Some people don't do well with creepy crawly things.  This seems to be one of those moments.  As WGRZ's weatherman Patrick Hammer was giving the forecast yesterday, they go to a live shot outside where a spider is preparing her dinner.
Here's The Glamour
Last week, many of you made it to our Spring Acoustic Show.  It was kind of hard to miss that sweet truck that was on stage from Transitowne.  But how did it get there?  Did someone drive it in there?  Oh no...
A Bad Lip Reading
You may have seen the Youtube videos of A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL.  It's hilarious.  I'll be honest, when I'm watching them, I'm always thinking, "when are they going to include the Bills?"  With this video, you don't have to wait.  I…
"Christmas Cooking With Brett"
Brett Eldredge is all-in on the holidays.  Now he's even getting ready for them with his own cooking show and it's either the best or the worst thing you'll ever see.
Country Version #2
People are mean on social media.  Even the people that we think can do absolutely no wrong have people that hate them on social media.  Jimmy Kimmel points that out with his Mean Tweets segments.
Dog in Crocs!
I was very upset the other day when I went to go plant and mulch in the front yard, and I couldn't find my Crocs!
Crocs are a hot button issue with many people. Some people absolutely hate them and think they should be banned while some people live by them...
Stealing Tickets
We've all been there.  You're at Chuck E. Cheese and there's a kid acting up.  You look around and their parents are NOWHERE to be found.  You want to say something but then,'s not your kid.

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