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Chicken on Roomba!
We've seen video's of cat's riding the roomba vacuum but I wouldn't have believed this without seeing it.  A family that has chicken's found one of them riding their Roomba.
Take a look!
Stop Thief!
I couldn't stop laughing watching this video. These animals are pretty sly taking the food away from these unsuspecting people.
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It looks to me like this little girl is a natural at conducting an orchestra.  She seems to really get it.  Her career path may already have been made.  Check out this adorable video!
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Not So Easy?
Men find out it's not so easy to walk in heels.  My favorite comment is when the one guy says 'My feet are in mousetraps'.  Wanna good laugh?  Check it out!
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Hilarious Video
Both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have come up with hilarious celebrity bits. In this case, Jimmy Kimmel asks the legendary Bette Midler to sing tweets by non legendary Kim Kardashian. Now this is funny!
Dog Vs. Baby!
I'm thinking either this dog is a diva and just wants the attention the baby gets when they cry or the baby's crying hurts the dogs ears.  Either way, the dog wins for loudest cry and seems to distract the baby from crying more.
This Would Be Weird [VIDEO]
I just adopted a new kitten from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter and now I'm totally reminded of the unique, funny and sometimes annoying things cats do.  They get away with it but it would be extremely creepy if us humans tried pulling this crap LOL...
It's Like Dating
I was lucky enough to work nights when my kids were little.  So I got to be with my kids as they grew up.  I was kind of like the stay at home dad who worked at night.  I went through all the children's programs, the parenting groups and the "play dates".  …

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