Cats VS Circles
In honor of #NationalPetDay, I thought I would feature Spartacus in a post!
I guess circles can catch a cat? You put a circle on the ground and a cat will go sit right in the middle of it. Check it out...
So it's not just cats and it's not just circles...
Dave & Buster's
Dave & Buster's has a new location in WNY! Located next to the Cheesecake Factory on the west side of the mall it is a spacious location.
The grand-opening is tonight and you will be impressed with how awesome this place is. It's a 33,000 square foot facility packed with tons of gam…
Panty Hose Game!
This would be hilarious at a party! Especially, after a few drinks – this could get really good.
These women were feeling particularly creative one day and decided to create a new game to play. With everyday items that they could find around the house, they created a race to see who could bowl down t…
Kick Ball!!
Last week when I was on vacation, my cousin and I decided came up with what we thought was a brilliant idea.  He had some extra plastic, we both have kids, and I had some extra time.  We set up a HUGE slip and slide for them (and maybe kind of for us too).  But that idea pales in comp…
Most likely last time you played beer pong there weren't any flashing lights or sensors that kept time with the tunes to which you were jamming. Check out this extravagant beer pong table a young man made in his basement; we apologize for the jealousy you're likely to feel.
They Can't Be Serious?
They can't be serious? The moment is being called the most uncomfortable moment in Jeopardy history.
You think you know the answer? Well, none of their answers here are right. So, exactly what on earth did they guess? Just when you think it can't get any worse than the last...
Don't miss Billy Dawson April 25, 2015 at Buffalo's Kidabaloo!
Located at the Hamburg Fairgrounds 9am-1pm OR 2pm-6pm

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