Is She Serious?
I can't say for certain if this woman is being serious or if she is pulling our leg with her reaction to winning the claw machine.
Watch a 10-Year-Old Beat an International Chess Master
This could be an advertisement for 7Up, if it weren't more than four minutes long. Here is International Master Greg Shahade playing a quick pick-up blitz game of chess against a 10-year-old ... who wins in no time. Props to Shahade for displaying such good sportsmanship, and props to the littl…
New Monopoly Piece
We learned yesterday that “Monopoly” has dumped the iron and replaced it with the cat as a play piece on the game board.
Hasbro invited “Monopoly” fans to vote on the switch and more than 10-million people did. The boot, iron and wheelbarrow rec…
Bisons Weekend Wrap Up!
One of the best parts of the spring is Bison baseball at Coca-Cola Field in downtown Buffalo.  I still haven't made the time to attend a game as of yet, but as soon as we get a string of days with good weather, ....I'm there.
Over the weekend the Bisons won one game and lost one to the…