gender reveal

It's a Boy!
Julio Pena is a dad of four girls.  His wife Kari is pregnant again.  You can imagine his surprise when he finds out that number 5 is going to be a little boy.  It makes him weak in the knees and he immediately passes out!
Ella Has Had It!
She's willing to give up being a princess if it means getting a sister. Being outnumbered 3 to 1...I get it, girl! Sometimes I feel bad that parents are posting these, but they do make smile and feel sad for her all at once. They're the bathtub photos of days gone...
It's a girl!!
Gender revealing parties have become "a thing."  It's when you find out what the sex of your baby is going to be and find a creative way to reveal it to your family.  Unfortunately, not everyone is always excited when they find out what it is.