Genesee County

Hunter Shot
The very first rule that anyone learns when they handle a firearm or take a hunter safety course is..."know your target and what's beyond it." Accidents happen. But many of the injuries that involve gunshots in hunting, could have been prevented.
Genesee County
Hunting season is just weeks away. It may be hard to believe, but August is only days away and for those that hunt for deer in Genesee County, it may be time to shop for a rifle.
17 Year Old Harvests 17 Point Buck In Genesee County
Congratulations to 17 year old Jake Hunter Maurer who harvested a 17 point buck on opening day of archery season on Saturday, October 15, 2011. Jake lives in Bergen in genesee County and was hunting in Bergen when he took this buck. Jake was hunting alone late Saturday under less than ideal conditio…