Meet And Greet With The Como Park Goats Tomorrow
It's the last day to see the goats--but, now you can meet and take some pictures with them, too!
Now that the kids are out of school this is a great opportunity to get the kids out of the house for something fun! Erie County has hired a team of goats to eat the over grown vegetation at Como Park…
Singing Goats?
Check out a sample of this awesome goat Christmas album! It was made to help bring awareness to how important the dairy goat is to communities in impoverished nations.
To learn more about ActionAid and this project click HERE
These Tree Climbing Goats Are Incredible + Strange [VIDEO]
You would think if this happened around here we would call animal control or something.
Out in Morocco between Marrakesh and Essaouira, goats will literally climb and hang out in this tree. The goats are after the precious Argan fruitand when goats eat the fruit, the fleshy part is digested but the n…
Goat Mowers
It's easy to sit on a big lawn mower and cut the grass on level areas.  But what do you do about unruly grass in those unruly areas?  Well, if you're the Chicago International Airport, you get a herd of goats.
City In Maryland Has Hired Goats To Mow Their Lawns
If gas prices are getting too high to even mow your own lawn now a days, maybe try what the city of Gaithersburg, Maryland has tried.  They've hired two herds of goats to clear a field which had become overrun with grass and weeds.
And no, this isn't an indication of what's t…