Amazing Dog Saves Baby’s Life
Dogs really are man's best friends. They’re adorable and they look out for us humans when things go awry. Recently we’ve met the German Shepherd who found a missing doctor, a Chihuahua who sniffed out two lost girls, and now, the rescue dog who saved a baby’s life.
Thank You To A Western New York Hero [UPDATE]
Governor Cuomo ordered all state flags be flown at half staff Monday, honoring Getzville native Army Staff Sergeant William Wilson III. What can you say when you are speaking to a man who just lost his son fighting for our Country? I imagine even the best poets and scholars struggle with that. Someone asked me once if it is easier to lose someone quickly or after a long illness?
Bonnie Carroll Is A True Hero
Who are the true hero's in life?  Certainly not movie stars and other celebrities that we watch on  television.  To me, hero is a word that is reserved for those who fight for us everyday: our military, our police officers and our firefighters...