Here's A Fun And Hilarious Game For Your Holiday Party
It's so simple and it's hilarious! Taking a cue from Barrel Of Monkeys, you use one candy candy cane to grab the others! Whoever gets the most before time runs out wins!!! Watch!
This has my competitive family written all over it! Get ready because your holiday party just got better...
Hilarious Kayak Fail
There is a billboard on the 190 advising people to never kayak alone! That is obviously a smart move and while it may be for safety reasons... it's also because if you're alone who will record your melt down? LOL
I love 'Family Feud'...mostly because of Steve Harvey's reaction to contestants' answers! This one might take the cake as the most bizarre, random and all out dumb answer on the history of the show (although pork-upine ranks pretty high too)...