Holiday Shopping

The Average Shopper Will Spend How Much This XMAS?
It's the most wonderful time of the year!.. but maybe not so much for your wallet. The National Retail Foundation is predicting shoppers to spend at least $40 more this Christmas from last years.. so how much does the average shopper spend?
Check Out These Cyber Monday Deals!
If you didn't get your shopping fix on Black Friday or small business Saturday, you can enjoy some crazy good online deals today, or better known as Cyber Monday! What's so great about today? You can shop anytime, anywhere (yup, even at the office..shh) and in anything (don't worry, I'm fully dressed writing this)...
Black Friday Hours – When is Your Favorite Store Open?
Last week we heard that Wal-Mart was getting a jump on Black Friday by opening their doors on Thanksgiving night at 8pm.  Now others have followed suit.  Retailers like Sears and Target have decided to capitalize on the Thursday night shopping hours by opening at 8 or 9 on Thanksgiving night.
Christmas Shopping already? Why not!
I know it’s WAY too early to start thinking about Christmas.  Trust me I’m the first one to remind people that we haven’t even had my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving!  Even so I have realized in the past that waiting to do my Christmas Shopping till Black Friday and into December is not the best of ideas.