Buffalo Ranked #1 In Housing
If you're looking to sell a home around Western New York right now, you're in good timing and if you know someone who's about to be looking – pass this along! It's a good thing for Buffalo but not necessarily for buyers as the housing market gets hotter, the prices go …
Buffalo Scam
This actually happened to me last month. I actually wasn't the direct victim of the scam, but I was involved. Well, my house was.
There are scammers on Buffalo Craigslist in the housing and apartment section who are looking to make a quick buck and most of the scammers aren't even from West…
Grass Trick
Genius! Why didn't I ever think of this! Next time you have company coming over to your house and your lawn is not in top condition, try this!
Who Gets What?
This Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton split has been as clean as it can get, we suppose. The couple has had to split their homes, pets, furniture and more the past 24 hours; and it seems as though, they've been determining who gets what for some time now.
Neighbor From Hell
ABC confronted a Florida man who allegedly harassed his neighbors with eggs, rocks and fire. His neighbors have had enough, and they have no problem telling him what they really think. They have recorded some of his antics on camera as well.
Other Windex Uses
You've washed hundreds of windows and mirrors with that famous, blue cleaner. Let's see what else you can use it for. (Let's be honest, this isn't your first time trying it out on something else.)
What else do you use Windex on?

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