Houston Texans

Josh Allen Injured, Bills Fall to Texans
Quarterback Nathan Peterman's pick six with the game on the line cost the Buffalo Bills another football game. And for good measure he added another pick to seal the Houston Texans 20-13 win over the Bills on Sunday.
Can We Get Him?
If you follow football at all, then you've seen JJ Watt.  He's one of the most dominating players in the NFL.  He's gotten a ton of sacks and tackles, heck he's even scored touchdowns and extra points for the Texans.  But let's be honest, the Bills need a quar…
Playing Santa Claus
With so many negative stories coming from the NFL, this one is incredibly refreshing.  It's great to see someone do so much good for so many.  Last weekend, for the eighth consecutive year, Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson lived the life of Santa Claus for 80 seconds.