CDC Confirms Deer Can Pass Tuberculosis To Humans
If you're gearing up to get in the woods, this is definitely worth taking a look at. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that there was a deer carrying tuberculosis that was able to transmit it to people. There was a 77-year-old guy was a regular hunter who got the disease from …
Hunters Warned About ‘Zombie Deer Disease’
An illness in animals known as "zombie deer disease" has been reported all over the United States. Right now it's in 24 states, including New York, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Chronic wasting disease  was found in free-ranging deer, elk and moose across the country and in …
DEC Announces Contest...Sorry Guys... Just For The Ladies
Okay ladies, it's your turn to show the guys how it's done! With archery over and shotgun season now open, many hunters take to the woods hoping to tag the big one. It turns out there has been a growing number of female hunters, and the DEC has just announced something special...
Calling all hunters! The time is finally almost here, get out the camo, thermos and boots, and be ready to land the big one this year. The DEC has announced the start date date for this year's deer and bear bowhunting season.

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