You Won't Believe Where A Hunter Put A Deer He Just Took
It's not everyday you see stuff like this... I've seen deer wrapped up in tarps or legs sticking out of the back of the truck bed, but I've never seen this cruising down the 90!
Most people on Jeremy's Facebook found this amusing, but some also found it disrespectful to the animal…
3 Ducks, 1 Shot
I did some skeet shooting yesterday and I was----horrible. As a matter of fact, at one point I even thought maybe I'm left handed and am looking out of the wrong eye. Anyway, everyone was going duck hunting so, it led to this video.
I couldn't hit one duck, but this guy killed 3 in one shot…
In Gym Class!
I say it's a great idea.
New York State is hoping to make hunting and fishing part of your kid's high school physical education classes in the near future. Now, this is not the first time this has been proposed in NYS--it has passed in the Senate, but never the Assembly...
Did Liz's Turkey Call Result In A Turkey? [VIDEO]
When we visited Quaker Boy they us make our own Turkey Calls! I was told she made it so well they would actually be able to sell it! (Clay and Dale did not receive that comment, lol.) I decided to gift mine to a family friend who actually hunts turkey

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