5 Awesome Ways To Re-Use Your Old iPhone
You probably have been doing a lot of cleaning during quarantine, came across your old cell phones that you've been holding onto for years for some reason. Maybe you think, 'okay it's time', but hold onto them! Your old phones could really be a great tool...
New Car Shoveling App Debuts in Buffalo, NY
This is genius!
There is a Buffalo called the Yeti shoveling app and the app will send someone to wherever you are to shovel out your car whether it's in your driveway, the street or maybe you're stuck somewhere.
If you are sick of holding a shovel, or maybe you need some extra hands, this i…
iPhone Bug Lets You Hear Through Someone Else's iPhone
In a world where you're identity is always known and your Alexa can listen to you and people have access to your phone number, it's uneasy feeling hearing this story if you're an iPhone person.
There is a bug in FaceTime that lets you hear through someone else's iPhone without the…

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