jim kelly

Finally Back Home Again
He underwent 12 hours of surgery on March 28th and spent more than two weeks at Mount Sinai Hospital before being released to a rehab facility.
Kelly Thanks Fans
Jim Kelly is thanking fans for their support and prayers. He posted a short video on Instagram before getting on a plane to New York.
WATCH: Jim Kelly Lead Bills Chant With Make-A-Wish Kids!
This is why we love this guy! Yesterday, before the Buffalo Bills beat the Broncos, we were able to join the party with the The Bills Mafia at the Ultimate Buffalo Bills Fan Tailgate at the Wings Pavilion where all the money raised went to charity and beforehand kids from Make-A-Wish joined us and w…
Jim's Dad Passes
Our thoughts and prayers go to Jim Kelly and his family today. Jim announced yesterday that his father, Joe Kelly has passed away.
Joe, who has six kids, was in hospice care down in Florida briefly. Kelly wrote on Instagram: Words cannot possibly describe how much I loved my father and how deeply bro…
Trump Shout Outs Jim Kelly
This was cool! It's no secret that Donald Trump and Jim Kelly have been good friends for quite some time now. In fact, when Kelly was going through his cancer treatments out of town, the President was gracious enough to let his family stay at his apartments throughout the whole process...

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