Josh Turner

[VIDEO] When Dylan Scott Asks For Help, Josh Turner Says He Went
Dylan Scott asked Josh Turner at the WYRK Acoustic Concert Series in Buffalo, NY how Turner got that deep voice. His answer? He went through puberty twice.
It was another sold out show at the WYRK Acoustic Concert with the Fall 2017 lineup consisting of Josh Turner, Dylan Scott and Morgan Wallen play…
Backstage Just Prior to the WYRK Acoustic Show
Did you ever wonder what's happening on stage behind the curtain when the performers are getting ready to begin one of our WYRK Acoustic Shows?  Josh Turner, Dylan Scott and Morgan Wallen were the latest to join our impressive list of acoustic show singers on Tuesday night (10/17/17) at th…
Songs You Need To Know!
In one weekend we are almost sold out for the WYRK Fall Acoustic Concert Series with Josh Turner, Dylan Scott + Morgan Wallen at UB Center for the Arts on October 17.
Hits, hits, hits all night long from these 3. (As I write this, I just said out loud "dang, Turner has a lot of hits now…

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