Katy Perry

Buffalo Guy Tried Out For American Idol Premiere Last Night
Welp, that was interesting.
One guy from Riverside, who guys by the name of, "Vokillz" auditioned for American Idol when the producers for American Idol were in Buffalo at Canalside late last year. He came out looking like Kane from WWE and started singing, when he ca…
Katy Perry Coming to Buffalo
Woop Woop! This is exciting!
Katy Perry just announced additional dates to her "WITNESS: The Tour"...and Buffalo is one of the lucky additions!
KeyBank Center
September 16, 2017
Tickets on sale Friday, June 16 at 10am
$130.50, $110
Super Bowl Performers
The NFL doesn't pay Super Bowl half time acts perform every year and there's good reasons why.
1.) About 100,000,000 people watch the Super Bowl--talk about publicity. Musical acts typically see a massive boost in music sales. In addition to, Yahoo reports: "Last year, Bruno Mars a…
The Effect Of Music
There's no question that music can totally change your day. It can take a terrible day and turn it into a good one in about three minutes. Here's proof.
Celeb Divorces
There's alot of ridiculous celebrity divorces for ridculous reasons now adays. Arnold's 10 year secret kid was a doosie. Can you think of any couples that you can add to the list at all?

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