Kmart Closing
The Kmart store in Cheektowaga is among 64 on a list of stores across the nation that are closing. According to Business Insider, the Kmart stores, including the Walden Ave location, will begin the liquidation process shortly and should be closed by mid-December...
Ship Your Pants!
Tis the season to be jolly and thanks to the fine folks at K-Mart, for your comfort and convenience, you can SHIP YOUR PANTS !
Big Gas Savings
You may have seen the commercial that many people were talking about a couple weeks ago from KMart that told customers about new shipping offers from the store. The latest follow up to that is a new deal. It's a big gas deal.
Sears & Kmart To Close Up To 120 Stores
It's unfortunate that following the holidays it seems that we always hear about stores that will be closing and this time some very popular well known stores, Sears and Kmart will be closing some locations. The stores that will be closing have not yet been named and we will not know for a while if the list will include any stores within the western New York area.