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Little Girls Gets More Than She Bargained For From Boat Horn
We've all done it as kids. Traveling down the 90 and you see a semi... you immediately start the horn signal. The car trip seems to go faster when you have semis honking at you the entire trip. Why do kids love that so much? Now I have to say that I never thought to ask a big boat to honk...
Cutest Whip/Nae Nae You'll See
I can't! This is too cute! Watch this little dance to the beat of her own drum to this very popular dance! This is totally me at wedding after a few drinks! I love it!
OMG Whip!!! With Santa! Video is a bit shaky because I was laughing so hard!
Who Let It In?
You work hard all day just to come home and find a cow in your house.  That's what happened to this woman.  When she turns to her 5-year-old daughter to find out how it got there, that's when things get interesting!
She's Heartbroken
You have to love a little girl who loves US history and our first president, George Washington! We've mentioned it before on the show that I'm actually related to George Washington (a little fun fact) and I didn't even react this way! You have to love little kids...
Angry Little Girl
She's got her dress on.  The movie is playing in the background.  She knows all the words.  Ok, she's ready to sing to her parents.  The only problem is, they won't shut up!  They can't stop laughing.  But she doesn't think it's funny...
Little Girl’s Adorable Reaction To Her Beardless Dad [VIDEO]
I know exactly where this girl is coming from. For my entire life my dad has had a beard, but one morning about ten years ago he went a little crazy with his trimmer and ended up having to shave the whole thing off.  I was in college  at the time and I'm pretty sure I had the same rea…
Cute Little Girl
Fireworks can really be a big distraction to a little kid when they're trying to sleep.  Check out how this dad tries to keep his daughter's mind off of the fireworks.  It may just be the cutest thing you'll see all day.