5 Valuable Habits
Earlier today, we talked on-air that some love expert said that people who are falling out of love should bear-hug each other for 60 seconds and then talk about what they loved about their day.
Clay’s Thoughts on His Parents’ 48th Wedding Anniversary
My parents, Chuck and Ann Moden, are celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary today. Although they have passed on, today will forever be a special day that I intend to honor and remember every year that I am alive. Beyond the gift of life, my parents taught me so much about life and love through their relationship than they probably ever imagined.
Be Proud To Be From Buffalo, N.Y……[VIDEO/POLL]
Buffalo, New York!  I love it here and I hope those reading this in the Western New York area feel the same way.  I'm proud of the place I come from, regardless of the crap that people say about the city.  Too cold, too much snow, losing sports teams, no jobs, run down, a last choice etc...etc.. Yes, we've heard them all before.  Buffalo gets a......
A Story Of Love And Grandpa’s Chevy Truck
Last year, I ran a blog called, "Show Us Your Chevy" in celebration of Chevrolet's 100th year anniversary. Many WYRK listeners sent me pictures of their beautiful Chevrolet cars and trucks. We had quite an impressive gallery of Chevy vehicles and people showing their love of Chevrolet...

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