Magic In A Kiss! [VIDEO]
I have always been envious of magicians. They are the life of the party. Everyone wants to know "How did you do that?" They usually just smile and simply say, "It's magic!"
Double Fantasy Duo [VIDEO]
They always say that a good magician never reveals his secrets. The same probably holds true for illusionists as well.
This video is from the World magic Awards from 2009 and it is called, "Double Fantasy Duo". I found it to be very enjoyable to watch...
Wasting Time Blowing Bubbles [Video]
I wanted to see what would come up if I typed 'amazing' in the search box on YouTube.  This is what came up.  While it started out a little stupid, give it some time.  He does some pretty cool things with his "bubble magic."
Incredible Fur Coat [Video]
I love magic.  I always feel like such an idiot when I see the big reveal on how the tricks are done.  I can't figure this one out either.  It makes you scratch your head and ask, "How did they do that??"  Click "Read More" to see the vide…