Marching Band

The Bills weren't the only Great Lakes Region group to head across the pond for the game. THE Ohio State University Marching Band (The Best Damn Band In The Land) traveled to perform at Wembley before the NFL match up that many WNY's probably don't want to relive, BUT if you missed the band you NEED to watch...
What The Heck?
This was an interesting ending that had Kansas State's marching band apologizing over the weekend. We know what they MEANT to do -- it was their formation was supposed to be their rival opponent's mascot, KU's Jawhawk battling a spaceship, as part of the Star Wars theme, but that is not what it ended up look like in many people's eyes...
Tuba Tumble
I'm not making fun of marching bands...I know it's incredibly hard and takes a lot of talent to pull off an amazing routine and play your instrument well. However, THIS is pretty funny!