Mo Pitney

Mo Pitney, ‘Everywhere’ [Listen]
Mo Pitney's "Everywhere" is his most pop-friendly song to date, but the baritone country singer never strays far from his roots. The mid-tempo cut from Behind This Guitar is wide open for interpretation.
Listen to Mo Pitney New Song ‘Boy and a Girl Thing’
Mo Pitney is known for his true, traditional-sounding songs with real life lyrics. His latest single "Boy and a Girl Thing" is just that.
It's a song that you know all too well – girls think boys are gross and boys want nothing to do with girls and the progression and cha…
Mo Pitney!
Singer/Songwriter Mo Pitney stopped by the WYRK Digital lounge a few weeks ago to share some of his new music.  Mo is most definitely has a traditional style and it shows in his music including his first single called 'Country'.
I've run in to many country fans who seem to be hung…