New York State

New York Bill Would Automatically Make You An Organ Donor
New York State has one of the highest needs for organ donors and one of the lowest rates of signing on to be an organ donor.
One of the NY assemblymen from Buffalo, Pat Burke, has introduced a bill that would automatically register residents 18 and older as organ and tissue donors
No More Limos in New York State Soon?
What will you do for weddings? What are you going to do next time you go on a wine tour?
Andrew Cuomo wants to pass a bill that will ban manufactured limousines AKA stretch limos in New York State.
The proposal is a response to the tragic crash in October of a modified SUV stretch limousine that didn&…
Coming Soon...Beer In Your Ice Cream
Two things I love during the summer time months, Ice cold beer and my favorite cool treat, ice cream. What would make these two favorites even better? How about having your beer infused in your ice cream?!

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