Dyngus Day Parade
Most of the world still has no idea what Dyngus Day even is, so I guess I'm not surprised that this is a thing.  But evidently, the world's shortest Dyngus Day Parade is coming on Monday!  The coolest part is who is leading it.
Only 10 Arrest During Buffalo's Parade
Only 10 arrests were made on Sunday during or after the Buffalo St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Buffalo. Buffalo Police say that they were mostly arrests for disorderly conduct and happened after the parade was actually done. Buffalo was ranked the #1 destination to celebrate St...
Buffalo Parade Route
Jeff Wilson of Buffalo was elected Grand Marshal of the 2017 Saint Patrick's Day Parade on Sunday, March 19 at 2 p.m. in the City of Buffalo. The day will start with Mass  by Bishop Richard J. Malone  at Saint Joseph's Cathedral at 10:30 AM and then the parade will prepare to march down Delaware Ave. Be aw...
Everything Dyngus Day!
Clay, Dale and I were live at the Broadway Market on Thursday and Bernadette Pawlak was gracious enough to stop by and chat about the famous Dyngus Day Parade. Bernadette is the Dyngus Day Parade coordinator and this year is a big one, it's the TENTH Anniversary of this legendary parade that ends with a BIG party...
Dyngus Parade Route
The 10th annual Dyngus Day parade will start in the capital of Dyngus Day in America: Buffalo, NY. The parade starts in front of Corpus Christi Church, but the the best places to grab a perch are on the big streets as the cavalcade gathers steam heading down Broadway to Fillmore as it winds its way down Memorial Drive...
Parade Disaster
Welp, leave it to Buffalo.... Around 80,000 Western New Yorkers headed downtown to Delaware to watch the annual and one of the largest parades in the United States. Unfortunately, this girl who had way too much to drink (like the rest of us) is the most famous person from Buffalo online (besides the guy running around in a banana outfit)...
Buffalo Ranked #2 In U.S.
Can't argue with this one! A new study has put Buffalo second best for its St. Patrick's Day traditions. With over 80,000 people coming to Delaware Avenue each year for the downtown parade, the traditions of Western New York only fall to the people of Boston, Massachusetts who ranked number one...
Perfect takedown
The annual St. Patrick's Day parades took place over the weekend and Buffalo police report that there were very few incidents.  Although there were about 10 arrests, with over 80,000 people in attendance, that's pretty good.  Here's one of them.
She's In It!
Meet Grandma Boop.  She has been wanting to be in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for over 30 years now.  Her family pulled some strings this year for her 83rd birthday and made it happen.  So if you see a grandma dressed like a clown while you're watching with your family, it might just be Grandma Boop!

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