peanut butter

PB Rocket Burger
I'm the kind of guy that really doesn't venture off much.  I eat the same foods, go to the same restaurants, essentially just do the same things. So it's time I try new things. This week we headed out to Butera's in Hamburg to try a new food combination.  It's the …
Hangover cure!!
People have been looking for years. What is the perfect hangover remedy?  I mean, if you had the answer to that you'd be a billionaire right?  Well three people think they may have done it.  And the answer is caffeinated peanut butter.
Testing For Alzheimer’s With Peanut Butter?
It’s one of those crazy things that researchers at the University of Florida say is a pretty dependable and low-tech way of determining whether someone is a likely candidate for Alzheimer's: whether you’re able to sniff peanut butter. And it gets even more strang…