Watch VP Debate
Watching the vice presidential debate on Tuesday night was like banging your head against the wall at times--actually, maybe banging my head on the wall would have given me LESS of a headache.
Tim Kaine and Mike Pence were on the debate stage, but their clash really centered on two other people: Hill…
Live Microphone
If you've ever seen the movie "The Naked Gun," you may have seen the scene where Frank Drebon walks into a bathroom with a live microphone still on him.  Of course everyone hears him as he goes about his business.  That happened at a city council meeting in Texas.&nb…
Could Dog Waste Bags Predict The Next President?
There is a new company that might be able to predict the winner of the next presidential race.  It's called Therapoo and they specialize in dog poo bags. You know, the little bags that you collect your dog's waste in?  Only these aren't just plain old bags.

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